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Easter Week Family Easter Basket


When our children were younger, I began doing an Easter Week Easter Story Basket to  to help them better understand the events and meaning of this holiday that is the culmination of our faith. Nothing fancy, I just gathered objects from around the house to use for our basket and wrote out devotions for each day. It has been my intention for a couple of years now to get our Family Easter Week Devotion into a format to share. I finally made myself get it done this week! I made baskets with each object and a copy of the devotions for each family with children in our church.

My hope is that this tool helps your family more meaningfully experience Easter and gain a deeper gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ.

Here is the link to the download. Enjoy! Also, I finished this up with my two year old foster toddler in my lap, so if there are typos, please forgive! I am usually grammar police but I had to just be good with getting it done!

family easter basket devotions

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