About Me


Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the world.

What you probably first need to know about me is that I’m simply Heather. It’s weird being a pastor’s wife, it tends to create distance with people. So I feel the need to give the disclaimer that I am normal, well my own quirky kind of normal. (So just please, I beg you, do not call me the first lady. My face will not hide the thoughts running through my brain.) I love coffee and my kids and a clean, quiet house. I hate shopping. I love food. I will not buy it if it is not on sale and finding a bargain makes my heart race. I’m an introvert and if we sit down to talk, I jump straight to the soul. I am entirely awkward at small talk. I am just as crazy about my husband as I was 22 years ago and I’ll choose a day with him over anyone else in the whole wide world. My sister is my best friend and my circle is small but filled with the sweetest soul sisters. My version of fun is reading a book with a bowl of ice cream. And my stress therapy is organizing and cooking. If I have a girls night it’s going to be with my favorite girl, my daughter, and we are going to fret for hours over where to eat because basically food is the most important decision in life and we simply cannot get it wrong.

I am the wife of a pastor.
My sweet man and I have been married 19 years and have been in ministry for 15 of those years. Our ministry journey is anything but traditional and my introverted self is an  unlikely candidate for the preacher’s wife, but here I am. I love the local church, even with all the brokenness it is God’s beautiful plan. Most days, I feel clueless in this role, but I am humbled that He chooses to use me in this kingdom work.

I am mom to three teens.
Any other mom’s out there who love the teen years?! This is my favorite stage of parenting and man am I grateful that God gave us 7 years in student ministry before having our own teens. During our student ministry years, I kept a journal of all the things I observed from parents in our youth ministries that I wanted to do and not do when our own kids were teenagers. My heart for my family is rooted in my story. My people are my safe place and sanity. They are my favorite and my best friends. Traditions are my love language and have been my one area of diligence as a mom. My grandparents modeled for me the joy of feeding a house full so teenagers piling up in my home for homemade pizza makes this one happy mom.

I am a foster mom. I am not the fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. And I really thought God had pushed me enough out of my comfort and planner personality by throwing me into ministry. Then He called us to fostering and it’s a whole new level. It has been the death of me, but the most beautiful refining. Caring for kids in crisis is one of the reasons why I finished my education in psychology. It is the social justice issue that ignites both my heart and my fury.

I am a bible teacher.
It is God’s Word that changed the broken, wounded heart I brought to Jesus. God’s Word is the love of  my life because it showed me the love of my Father. I save this for last because my deepest longing and greatest passion is for women to experience the work of Jesus through His Word.

God has been so gracious to allow the hats I wear to flow from the passions of my heart. But who I am is rescued by Jesus. He is the reason for it all and He has my heart.